Why Your Vacuum Smells Dangerous (and Easy methods to Repair It)

Even when vacuuming is one in all you least-favorite chores, when you think about what life was like earlier than the equipment existed—beating rugs and sweeping flooring manually—it’s a must to admit its capability to make messes disappear is fairly wonderful.

Whereas it would look like magic, the fact is that each one the gross belongings you vacuum up must go someplace, and journey via the equipment to get there. Over time, this course of could make your vacuum begin to odor unhealthy. Listed here are a few of the commonest causes of vacuum odor, and do away with the stench.

Why does my vacuum odor unhealthy?

Most unhealthy smells coming from vacuums are the results of these 4 sources:


A musty odor coming out of your vacuum may imply that mould has grown and/or gathered inside the bag or filters. Mould thrives in moist environments, so in the event you vacuumed a carpet whereas it was moist or damp, that might be the offender.


In case you have furry pets that roam free all through your own home, then you may assume that your flooring are coated of their hair, dander, and urine particles. Once you vacuum and these supplies accumulate inside, their odor could linger—even after emptying the canister or altering the bag.

Extreme mud

Sure, vacuums are designed to do away with mud, however in the event you don’t empty and clear the equipment usually, that mud can construct up and begin to odor terrible. Mud itself is fairly disgusting, provided that it’s made up of flakes of lifeless pores and skin (from people and pets), pollen, textile and paper fibers, dried meals particles, microscopic specks of plastic, soil particles, micro organism, mud mite droppings, and mud mite physique fragments. So when it accumulates, it’s not onerous to see why it might probably reek.

A burnt belt

When a vacuum hasn’t been cleaned shortly, all of the hair, string, and different supplies wrapped across the bristles may cause its brushes to cease rotating, and the rubber belt to burn.

Easy methods to do away with unhealthy vacuum smells

If it will get to the purpose that your vacuum stinks, then it’s completely in want of a radical cleansing. It’s not only a matter of residing with the unhealthy odor: The stench is the signal of a much bigger drawback that, if left untouched, may injury your vacuum cleaner and shorten its lifespan.

Put aside a good chunk of time to scrub your vacuum: It’s a multi-step course of that requires permitting components to air dry. This Lifehacker submit from 2022 breaks down the assorted steps concerned within the course of, however when doubtful, test your vacuum’s proprietor’s handbook for particular directions.

When you’ve cleaned and reassembled the vacuum, give it a whirl. If the unhealthy odor remains to be current, you doubtless must take it to knowledgeable, or put money into a brand new one.