What Is VGA (Video Graphics Array)?

What Is VGA (Video Graphics Array)?

Video Graphics Array or VGA is a 15-pin video connector that’s primarily used to transmit graphics or media from supply to show like monitor, TV, projector, and many others. VGA is created in 1987 which was based mostly on IBM based mostly D-subminiature connection kind. VGA was a extremely popular connection kind between the beginning of the 1900s and the tip of the 2010s. As an outdated expertise VGA makes use of analog alerts which makes it much less succesful than newer digital protocols like HDMI, DVI, and many others. VGA is a generic time period even the actual identify is Video Graphics Array it may be additionally named as Video Graphics Adaptor as a result of its connectivity capabilities for graphic playing cards.

VGA Use Instances

VGA is a extremely popular expertise and connection kind which is utilized in totally different circumstances and areas with a view to transmit or ship graphics or media from the supply system to the show. Beneath we are going to record some instance use circumstances about VGA.

  • VGA primarily used to attach a Private Pc or PC to the monitor.
  • Laptops and Ultrabooks use VGA with a view to share the media with the exterior monitor or projectors.
  • SmartTV, Kodi, Chromecast can present graphics on the TV or projector by utilizing the VGA connection.
  • Totally different streaming gadgets can be utilized to point out graphics on the TV or projector for the general public.

VGA Connection Elements

VGA connections consist of easy elements. VGA consists of two connectors with a view to join the supply and vacation spot. There’s a VGA cable between these two VGA connectors.

VGA Connection Elements

VGA Connector

VGA Connector is an important a part of the VGA. It incorporates 15 pins with a view to join cables with the supply system. These pins are used to transmit analog alerts. VGA connectors might be additionally referred to as as VGA male. Feminine kind VGA incorporates holes that are situated on supply and vacation spot system like laptop computer, PC, Streaming gadgets, monitor, TV, projector. As we will see under a typical VGA incorporates two screws each side of the connector head which is resided two sides of the ping. These screws are used to attach and nail the VGA connector to the supply of the vacation spot system to guard.

VGA Connector

VGA Connector Types

Probably the most used and default VGA connector for many of the supply and vacation spot gadgets is DE-15 male connector which proven under. However for small issue gadgets, VGA supplies a small and fewer pinned VGA connector referred to as as DE-9 which incorporates solely 9 pins. BNC is one other kind of VGA connector which isn’t sensible or widespread for use.

VGA DE-15 Connector

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VGA DE-15 Connector

VGA DE-9 Connector

VGA Male DE-9 Connector or Plug

VGA BNC Connector

VGA BNC Connector

VGA Resolutions

As an analog expertise VGA helps resolutions not too excessive. However in some circumstances, this decision might be sufficient for use. Really, till the HD, 2K, or 4K resolutions, the VGA was extremely popular and sufficient to transmit totally different decision however with the development of the graphic resolutions, VGA develop into inadequate. VGA expertise supplies resolutions as much as 2040x1536px @85 Hz refresh price. But it surely’s decision might be lesser in accordance with the VGA cable and connector high quality with the size of the cable.

When the VGA first launched the preferred decision was 640x540px which known as as VGA.

Tremendous Video Graphics Array or SVGAdecision is an prolonged model of the VGA and which can be utilized for 800×600 px.

Prolonged Graphics Array or XGA supported by many of the laptops and create in 1990. XGA present 1024x768px decision.

Tremendous Prolonged Graphics Array or SXGA helps 1280×1024 decision.

Extremely Prolonged Graphics Array or UXGA helps 1600×1200 decision.

Vast Prolonged Graphics Array or WXGA helps decision as much as 2040×1536 @85 Hz refresh price.

VGA Pinout

VGA incorporates 15 pins that are used to transmit sign from supply to vacation spot. As analog alerts are used extra cables or pins are required to ship knowledge. Beneath we are going to record the pins and their features.

VGA Pinout
Pin 1 RED Pink video
Pin 2 GREEN Inexperienced video
Pin 3 BLUE Blue video
Pin 4 ID2/RES Reserved since E-DDC, previously monitor id. bit 2
Pin 5 GND Floor (HSync)
Pin 6 RED_RTN Pink return
Pin 7 GREEN_RTN Inexperienced return
Pin 8 BLUE_RTN Blue return
Pin 9 KEY/PWR +5 V DC (powers EDID EEPROM chip on some displays), previously key
Pin 10 GND Floor (VSync, DDC)
Pin 11 ID0/RES Reserved since E-DDC, previously monitor id. bit 0
Pin 12 ID1/SDA I²C knowledge since DDC2, previously monitor id. bit 1
Pin 13 HSync Horizontal sync
Pin 14 VSync Vertical sync
Pin 15 ID3/SCL I²C clock since DDC2, previously monitor id. bit 3
VGA Pinout

VGA Extender

VGA can carry alerts round 20 meters which implies after 20 meters the alerts can’t be carried correctly and with out errors and issues. In an effort to carry alerts greater than 20 meters, VGA Extender can be utilized which can merely enhance the sign energy. VGA Extenders additionally named VGA boosters and a number of VGA extenders can be utilized for single VGA connection in a serial connection topology.


As outdated applied sciences there are a number of options to the VGA. However a few of them are extremely popular the place they’re changed for the VGA. HDMI and DVI are the preferred options to the VGA. HDMI is extra widespread than VGA and DVI. Let’s evaluate VGA with the HDMI.

  • HDMI makes use of digital alerts the place VGA makes use of analog alerts.
  • Each HDMI and VGA are appropriate with one another by utilizing converters.
  • HDMI can transmit audio alerts in numerous codecs bu VGA can’t transmit audio alerts.
  • HDMI supplies a number of increased resolutions with higher shade depth than VGA.