Motionographer Sarah Beth Morgan | Between Strains

“Between Strains” is an animated quick movie created by an all-women staff that speaks to the scarring expertise of schoolgirl bullying – and the restoration that follows. The narrative follows a younger girl’s journey as she navigates isolation, exclusion and anxiousness. Out of trauma, blooms a way of therapeutic and connection.

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A movie by Sarah Beth Morgan, in affiliation with Hornet.
Our staff proudly options over 30 insanely proficient ladies from all around the globe.

Director: Sarah Beth Morgan
Animation Director: Taylor Yontz
Producer: Rebekah Hamilton
VO / Sound / Music: Jennifer Pague
Artwork Path: Sarah Beth Morgan

Design: Nuria Boj, Caroline Choi, Sarah Beth Morgan, Sara Ariel Wong

Animation: Margaret Bialis, Erin Bradley, Amy Charlick, Esther Cheung, Rocio Cogno, Julie Craft, Antoinie Eugene, Thea Glad, Amanda Godreau, Michelle Grepo, Sami Healy, Yahira Hernandez, Jasper Hilgers, Yino Huan, HyoBin Kang, Collin Leix, Katherine Pryor, Rachel Reid, Issey Roquet, Anna Taberko, Aly Tain, Camille Vincent, Pip Williamson, Khylin Woodrow, Rachel Yonda, Taylor Yontz

Story: Sarah Beth Morgan
Poem: Nirrimi Firebrace

Combine by: Hope Brush
Strings Producer: Sophie Coran
Violin: Shelby Yamin
Cello: Nicole Boguslaw
Strings Recorded by: Michael Cumming at Treacle Mine Recording

Particular Thanks: Hornet, Dez Stavracos, Tyler Morgan, Molly Bowman



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Made in Affiliation with Hornet