European Area Company unveils new plan for rising crops on the Moon

With the objective of building a long-term presence on the Moon, the European Area Company (ESA) is engaged on a brand new challenge that can assist decide the feasibility of rising crops on the lunar floor. Led by Norway’s Solsys Mining, the challenge will search to develop a technique for changing lunar soil into fertiliser to be used in hydroponic farming.

The study builds on earlier analysis on lunar soil samples. Whereas lunar soil, also called regolith, is wealthy in most vitamins crucial for plant development, it compacts within the presence of water, making it problematic for seeds to determine wholesome root methods.

Hydroponics bypasses this problem because it permits roots to be straight cultivated in nutrient-rich water as an alternative of soil. However to make sure that the water used within the hydroponic system is nutritious, the ESA and Solsys Mining should create a technique that extracts vitamins from regolith, concentrating the dear parts earlier than use, and eradicating the undesirable ones.

This may require three steps, as illustrated under. Firstly, regolith could be pulled by way of a mechanical sorting space. Then, vitamins could be extracted by a processing plant, earlier than being dissolved into water and pumped right into a greenhouse for hydroponic farming.

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