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Reallusion is proud to announce that the long-awaited CC-to-MetaHuman pipeline is lastly accessible. Now, you may effortlessly switch your Character Creator (CC) faces and 4K hi-res textures to MetaHuman Creator, full with all the feel particulars of all the physique. Lastly say whats up to a devoted illustration of your distinctive head mannequin and texture designs together with the unique dynamic wrinkles.

With the Auto Setup instrument for Unreal Engine, creating customized MetaHuman characters is a breeze. Merely customise your character’s face with dynamic wrinkles, lifelike attributes equivalent to moles, scars, and make-up, and rework them right into a MetaHuman character with only one click on. No coding required.

And there may be extra — The most recent model of the iClone MetaHuman Live Link Kit permits for seamless expression management with facial nuances, physique actions, and lip-syncing. Even when you’re new to iClone, you may nonetheless animate your UE characters with the MetaHuman management rigs. Obtain these important instruments now and expertise the benefit and enjoyable of making true-to-life MetaHumans.

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Release note | Fully Controllable MetaHuman Creation | Fast Create and Animate MetaHumans (Portal web page)

See the most recent replace  in CC-to-MetaHuman pipeline:

Personalized MetaHumans with True Likeness

▪ Seamless switch of head shapes, pores and skin textures, and dynamic wrinkles.

CC Personalized MetaHuman Faces

▪ Delivering a true-to-life look with one easy click on in Character Creator.

Hello-Fi Textures for the Head & Physique

▪ Giving MetaHumans a placing resemblance to your authentic design, together with pores and skin results and dynamic wrinkles.

Full Possession over Unmatched Likeness

▪ Turning CC avatars into MetaHumans in Unreal whereas indulging in cross-platform compatibility.

Enriched Animations with iClone & CC

▪ That includes Information Hyperlink for enhanced FPS efficiency and MetaHumans that may discuss, emote, and carry out with Stay Hyperlink.

1. Personalized MetaHumans with True Likeness

Create distinctive digital actors with ease utilizing the Character Creator asset ecosystem. From shaping, pores and skin layer enhancing, hairstyling, outfiting, to including equipment, designers can effortlessly carry their imaginative and prescient to life. With CC 4.2, the brand new CC-to-Metahuman pipeline permits for seamless switch of head form, pores and skin textures, and dynamic wrinkles, delivering ultra-realistic leads to Unreal engine.

2. Character Creator Personalized MetaHuman Faces

Creating your MetaHuman avatars with life like options has by no means been simpler, because of CC’s newest Head Export function. With only a push of a button, you may effortlessly switch CC head shapes and 4K head and physique textures. Elevate your MetaHumans to a brand new stage of authenticity with CC’s unparalleled true-to-life options.

3. Hello-Fi Textures for the Head & Physique

Head & Physique Texture

Transferring textures from CC to Unreal permits you to create MetaHumans which have placing resemblance to your original character design. It additionally dietary supplements pores and skin particulars to MetaHuman physique and arms.

Pores and skin Results & Dynamic Wrinkles

We offer superior instruments that surpass the fundamental MetaHuman pores and skin editor, together with the highly effective SkinGen utility that successfully integrates Realistic Human Skin into the face, equivalent to scars, pimples, moles, face paint, and Make-up & SFX. The Dynamic Wrinkle System enhances these utilities, making it easy to create digital actors which might be really lifelike.

4. Full Possession over Unmatched Likeness

MetaHumans which have advanced from CC avatars are utterly appropriate with face and physique management rigs in Unreal. Along with having fun with cross-platform compatibility, characters generated on this method are solely owned by you.

5. Enrich Animations with iClone & Character Creator

Stay Hyperlink

Having MetaHumans discuss, emote, and carry out on command stays a roadblock for many animators. Luckily, iClone MetaHuman Live Link gives a complete resolution to animate our bodies, faces, and lips inside a single utility.

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Information Hyperlink

iClone motions will be utilized to each UE characters and MetaHumans by means of the usual IK rig-and-retargeting course of. The Data Link operate eliminates the necessity for time-consuming FBX export and import, thereby accelerating the method of updating Unreal animations with CC.

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The distinction between Cahracter Creator and MetaHuman Creator

Reallusion has expended important efforts to create probably the most correct CC-to-MetaHuman conversion pipeline, aiming to supply the very best of each worlds for MetaHuman and Character Creator. Nonetheless, variations should persist as a result of variations in construction and the mechanics of animation between the 2 programs.

  • MetaHumans have restricted help for physique shapes, leading to variations in neck thickness, physique measurement, or top when changing CC characters to MetaHumans.
  • Carrying CC Smart Hair on MetaHumans is just not potential at the moment, as the best LOD of MetaHumans are restricted to Groom Hair.
  • Presently, MetaHumans have their very own outfit system and can’t put on conformable CC outfits.
  • The CC head is optimized for real-time efficiency at 4,000 polygons in an effort to support subdivision levels for the Unreal Engine. The native highest LOD for the MetaHuman head has 80,000 polygons, permitting for improved mesh-level definition in sure facial expressions, notably across the eyes. This may increasingly lead to noticeable variations in some instances.
  • After the MetaHuman conversion, facial expressions are managed by MetaHumans’ facial management curves, probably leading to delicate variations in expression nuances.

>> Learn more in-depth details of these two systems.

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