Behind the Scenes: The Closing Cease


Hello, my title is Denis Skiba, often known as Mapper720. I’m from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. I first grew to become keen on 3D in 2012. At the moment, I used to be already utilizing Linux, so my selection of 3D software program was clear. I solely studied from tutorials discovered on the web.


The artwork was primarily based on the 7 days of summer: Lost Alpha visible novel, which was the consumer state of affairs for one more visible novel, Everlasting Summer. Within the prologue, the bus carrying the protagonist loses management on ice and falls off a bridge right into a river.


The principle instrument used was Blender, with Substance Painter for texturing. GIMP and Inkscape had been used for post-processing.


When it got here to creating the bus look a lot older, I used Substance Painter to create soiled and previous textures.

Since this software program does not have all the mandatory supplies in its normal library, I additionally used Substance Designer to create the lacking textures. Moreover, I partially tore off a poster on the window and shut down one of many ceiling lamps for this function.


The water stream was created with an ordinary Blender fluid simulator, no add-ons had been used. This was my first critical expertise utilizing the Blender fluid simulation.

Initially, the fluid cache with mesh, spray, foam, and bubbles took about 400 GB on my exhausting drive! Then, I modified and re-baked it. Though I didn’t change the standard settings (I simply added a further influx object), the brand new cache took solely 100 GB.

The froth, bubbles, and spray had been tiny mesh balls. I attempted to make them extraordinarily low-poly, and even change them to cubes, however the render time was nonetheless huge: with out these particles, Blender rendered the picture in a few minutes, however with them, the render time elevated to dozens of hours—for one body solely.

I used to be suggested to make use of some extent cloud as an alternative of mesh balls. I adopted this advice and it solved the problem: the render time grew to become fairly acceptable.


The lighting was a giant problem. If the principle gentle was enabled, the picture would lose the environment of concern and hopelessness. Nonetheless, if I shut it down, the picture grew to become a black sq..

I tried to create gentle sources outdoors the bus, however they weren’t highly effective sufficient to gentle the bus with frozen home windows, which was drowning at night time in darkish waters.

Lastly, I made a decision to make a single lamp above the door and make the gamma colder within the Composer.


The “water” outdoors the bus is PrincipledBSDF + VolumeAbsorption + particle bubbles.


Some small tweaks had been made with GIMP and Inkscape.

You will discover the timelapse of this paintings right here:

I’ve additionally rendered two variants of a 360-degree panorama: one is an easy spherical panorama, and the second is for purple/cyan anaglyph glasses. You will discover them right here on my Website and on Artstation.


Lifelike renders:

Renders with toon shading:

And that is all!

Thanks for studying my article and have a pleasant day!

Concerning the Artist

Denis Skiba (Mapper720), a 3D artist from Nizhny Novgoro, Russia.